Aromatherapy uses essentail oils extracted from plants to enhance wellbeing. Aromatherapy is of benefit to people of all ages and can help with both acute and long term conditions.  Aromatherapy massage can be deeply relaxing and can help with stress and poor sleep.  It can also be used to help with specific problems like muscular pains, hormonal imbalances and feeling down in the dumps.  If you are unsure if aromatherapy massage could help, the arrange a free chat with Jean by calling 07816 459542 or email: beechtreeclinic@gmail.com

During an aromatherapy consultation you will be asked a variety of questions, and then the aromatherapist will make blend of essential oils to suit your needs.  Usually the essential oils are mixed with oil and used during a relaxing massage, but can also be used at home in a variety of ways including vapourisers, creams, linaments and baths.

Jean trained in aromatherapy massage in Glasgow at the Scottish School of Herbal Medicine, and has over 17 years experience.  She has been working as an aromatherapist in Helensburgh since 2001. 

Quotes'I really enjoyed my massage by Karen and will definitely be back'

'I have been receiving treatment from Jean every month or so for around 3 years. Her attentive and intuitive approach feels like deep healing from a friend. I thoroughly endorse Jean's skill and experience and I wouldn't go anywhere else for this sort of therapeutic massage' Janice

'I feel lighter and stress free'

'I feel I have managed to get through the last few very tough years only with Jean's help and support. The conventional treatment has been necessary for me, but the herbs and supplements have helped me back to much better health.'

'Magic hands, the most amazing massage ever!'

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