Distance Healing

Jean is an experienced distance healer. This is an established healing technique in the fields of  both spiritual healing and reiki.  It is a way of sending healing energy to a person who, for whatever reason, cannot attend a healing session in person. The healing energy is therefore ‘sent’ to that person, no matter where they are in the world in relation to the healer.

Jean will arrange a time to call you for a consultation before the healing, and then you can choose to lie down and relax in a comfortable place.  Jean will call you at a pre-arranged time following the healing to give you a chance to discuss the healing session and hear what happened.

To book call Jean on 07816459542 or email: beechtreeclinic@gmail.com


"I recently had a distance healing with Jean and wow. Jean is a marvel, it really shifted and lifted some deep seated stuff and I felt noticeably better, lighter and more able to cope within hours/days and its just getting better all the time. Thank you Jean x" Jules


"During Lockdown I organised a distance healing session for my mam who was struggling with anxiety.  Following the healing session my mam felt elated, which is not a word I have ever heard my mam use to describe herself.  This feeling lasted, and my mam is now in a much better place.  Thanks Jean, you worked wonders" Tim


"I need to stress how helpful and relaxing long distance therapy have been, i was skeptical when these sessions were discussed. I had had a very tiring and stressful time helping take of our mum plus my long term ill husband.  My first session, i was completely relaxed and elated, i felt so happy. I had no hesitation booking my second long distance session. Wonderful. Thank you Jean"  Maureen

Quotes'I really enjoyed my massage by Karen and will definitely be back'

'I have been receiving treatment from Jean every month or so for around 3 years. Her attentive and intuitive approach feels like deep healing from a friend. I thoroughly endorse Jean's skill and experience and I wouldn't go anywhere else for this sort of therapeutic massage' Janice

'I feel lighter and stress free'

'I feel I have managed to get through the last few very tough years only with Jean's help and support. The conventional treatment has been necessary for me, but the herbs and supplements have helped me back to much better health.'

'Magic hands, the most amazing massage ever!'

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