Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is probably the oldest form of energy healing in the world.  It is used to stimulate the body's natural ability to heal, and as such it can be used to help with a wide variety of ailments.  Jean offers a free 10 minute chat with no obligation so you can discuss what's going on for you and if shamanic healing might be of benefit.

The word shaman means 'one who sees in the dark' and the shamanic practitioner uses a drumbeat to slow their brainwaves to a theta state to help access intuitive knowledge.  During a shamanic healing session you will have a consultation where you can discuss why you think shamanic healing may be of benefit, and set any specific intentions for the healing.  The shamanic practitioner will also explain more about shamainc healing and what to expect during the treatment.  During the healing you will hear a drum beat, and may also hear sounds from other musical instruments.  You may experience a sense of deep calm and relaxation, or you might feel energised.  Some people have a sense of energy moving around their body.  Following the treatment the practitioner will share with you what happened during the treatment, and you can ask any further questions you may have.  Shamanic healing can be done both in person and at a distance.

To book email beechtreeclinic@gmail.com or call 07816459542.  



"I recently had shamanic distance healing with Jean and wow. Jean is a marvel, it really shifted and lifted some deep seated stuff and I felt noticeably better, lighter and more able to cope within hours/days and its just getting better all the time. Thank you Jean x" Jules

"During Lockdown I organised a distance healing session for my mam who was struggling with anxiety.  Following the healing session my mam felt elated, which is not a word I have ever heard my mam use to describe herself.  This feeling lasted, and my mam is now in a much better place.  Thanks Jean, you worked wonders" Tim


"Shamanic healing was an amazing experience for me. While I was relaxing deeply, Jean worked on healing my past traumas. I felt energy tingling and unblocking on different parts of my body.  It was astounding, and I have felt such life changing positive effects."  Elspeth

Quotes'I really enjoyed my massage by Karen and will definitely be back'

'I have been receiving treatment from Jean every month or so for around 3 years. Her attentive and intuitive approach feels like deep healing from a friend. I thoroughly endorse Jean's skill and experience and I wouldn't go anywhere else for this sort of therapeutic massage' Janice

'I feel lighter and stress free'

'I feel I have managed to get through the last few very tough years only with Jean's help and support. The conventional treatment has been necessary for me, but the herbs and supplements have helped me back to much better health.'

'Magic hands, the most amazing massage ever!'

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